What Souvenirs to Bring from Venice

What to buy in Venice as a souvenir or a gift: TOP 7 most interesting options. What to bring home and where to purchase them, prices 2023. Venetian masks and Murano glass, jewelry and lace, dolls, paintings, tapestries, and etchings, or maybe wine?

Almost every inhabitant of the Earth dreams of visiting Venice. Seeing the “City on the Water” in the photo on the Internet or reading the rave reviews of other travelers, he is then literally haunted by the dream of seeing this magic with his own eyes.

After the dream finally comes true, you want to not only just breathe in the air of Venice, but also take a piece of this unreal city with you. Therefore, everyone is trying to buy souvenirs from Venice as a keepsake.

Naturally, hoping that it will be something original and unusual. To do this, you will have to strain and painstakingly choose for a long time, diligently screening out inexpensive Chinese crafts. And trying not to pay attention to spending – original things are not cheap here.

TOP-10 Best Gifts from Venice

Our opinion is, of course, a bit subjective. But still, the list of things that are really worth buying in Venice is quite small.

Carnival Masks

Few people raise their hand to start this list with something else, because the mask has long been a symbol of Venice. Porcelain, ceramics, clay, papier-mache, leather – from all these materials, the hands of masters create truly works of art.

You can buy a mask in Venice both from merchants on the street and in a specialized shop. Depending on this, of course, both quality and price can vary.

You can also purchase a magnet in Venice – it costs only 2 to 4 euros. Or a full-fledged mask that you can try put on your face – original copies cost from 100 €.

Venetian Glass

Murano glass, or rather elegant little things made from it, from decorative plates to chandeliers, is a great choice. Perhaps these products are the most exquisite and charming souvenirs from Venice.

Although they are very expensive. Yes, and it is difficult to bring what you have purchased home – sometimes they throw suitcases into the belly of an airplane completely dismissively.

Murano Glass Jewelry

Ladies will definitely want to buy something as a decoration or a gift for friends. After all, Venice is a real paradise for fans of high-quality, exquisite, and, by the way, not always very expensive jewelry.

And although Venetian glass has already been emphasized above, jewelry from Venice is worthy of mention under a separate paragraph.

Leaving the city on the water without a new pair of earrings, a necklace or a trendy Murano glass ring is unthinkable! After all, the choice of models and colors exceeds all expectations.

The answer to the question of what to bring from Venice to your mother or girlfriend is obvious – jewelry! Fortunately, the price tag starts from acceptable amounts, about 6-7 € per copy.

Murano glass need to bring home from Venice

Cosmetics and Textiles

Buy a cream or a bar of soap sold by weight in a specialized store – just smelling it will immediately improve your mood. But, of course, not from the price – in comparison with the factory version, it definitely loses.

In Venice, there are a lot of shops of Italian manufacturers of home textiles. You can look for an excellent woolen stylish plaid for your favorite sofa. And if you bring such a gift to someone, then you will undoubtedly be remembered with warm feelings and gratitude.

Dolls from Venice

Venetian toys are really charming and will decorate even a nursery in a rich house. Although such souvenirs from Venice will conquer not only the child, but also many adults.

Who will refuse, for example, a touching porcelain doll? Or a cat that looks completely alive.

The cost of this kind of items is too big – usually it only starts from 45-50 € per item.

Paintings and Etchings

Views of Venice on canvas and wooden boards, even ceramics will decorate the interior and will remind you of a vacation. Authors selling their paintings can be found almost anywhere in the city. Yes, and in the souvenir shops of Venice, sometimes you can find very worthy specimens.

By hanging such a picture at home, every day you can mentally return to the day that you especially remember during your vacation.


The penultimate place in our ranking is occupied by souvenirs from Venice, which are worth buying anyway. Although they are not as exquisite as Venetian lace or a mask.

Since this is the gastronomic pride of Italy: olive oil and cheeses, pasta and chocolate, sweets.

All this is insanely delicious, so something from the above is absolutely necessary to try. And even better – bring home and treat your family with a delicious “piece” of Italy.

Champagne Bellini

And in conclusion, our final gift from Venice for the fair sex. A truly Venetian drink with peach flavor is Bellini sparkling wine.

It is not strong with a bewitching aroma and a delicate aftertaste. Worth trying undiluted at least once. And then add as a base for cocktails.

For those who do not have much respect for sparkling wines, we advise you to purchase a regular dry wine from the Veneto region. For example, the same famous Valpolicella.

If you are lucky and you can buy it in a supermarket for a promotion, then you will have to pay only 7-10 €.

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