The Most Interesting Places in Budapest

Top-10 attractions in Budapest – what to visit first? The most interesting places in the city and near you should to see, where you can taste Hungarian cuisine? Is it worth visiting the Budapest thermal baths and where to go with children?

The capital of Hungary, Budapest, attracts tourists with its originality, beauty and original cuisine. This amazing city is located on two hills in a picturesque place on the banks of the Danube.

It is beautiful at any time of the year. Even in winter and early spring you will be enchanted by its charm. In addition, this city is always hospitable. And, remarkably, still inexpensive.

What to See in Budapest

1. Inspection of interesting places usually begins with the royal palace, striking in its monumentality. It stands on a mountain in Buda, the highest part of the Hungarian capital.

On the territory of the palace complex is the National Gallery of Hungary, one of the largest in Europe, it specializes mainly in Hungarian art – It also houses the Museum of History and the National Library. So, without a doubt, it is one of the main attractions of Budapest.

2. Matthias Cathedral. The building was designed in the Neo-Gothic style in the 19th century, although it stands on the site of a much more ancient structure. It has a very unusual, but memorable, in some ways even fabulous appearance. By the way, it was here that Emperor Franz Joseph and his incomparable bride, Empress Sisi, were crowned on the throne of Hungary.

3. The Fisherman’s Bastion is very beautiful with a magnificent view of the city. It appears in a mass of photographs and is one of the most recognizable symbols of the Hungarian capital.

4. The Hungarian Parliament was inspired by the Palace of Westminster in London. But he surpassed the latter both in size (only 1 meter more in length) and pretentiousness. It is a truly unforgettable sight, especially at night.

5. St. Stephen’s Basilica in Pest is considered one of the most beautiful churches in Hungary. And from its observation deck, beautiful views of the city and the Danube open up.

6. From Mount Gellert you can also see the whole of Budapest. In the evenings, truly magical panoramas open up from here, which are breathtaking. At the foot of Mount Gellert are the famous thermal baths. In terms of fame second only to Széchenyi.

Bridges and…

7. The real pearl of the city are its bridges. The oldest and most famous is the Chain Bridge across the Danube.

The Chain Bridge and the Buda Castle - main places to visit in Budapest

8. Budapest Central Market. This is truly a grand building. Looking at him, eyes run wide from the abundance of fruits, vegetables and a variety of foods. The dizzying aroma of spices and paprika will be remembered forever. Here you can buy any products at fairly affordable prices.

8. Monument to the victims of the Holocaust in the form of abandoned shoes on the Danube embankment. This is a reminder of the Jews killed by the Nazis during the Second World War: children, women and the elderly.

In general, people in Budapest are very fond of monuments and sculpture. And you will find a lot of interesting specimens from different times both on the Fortress Hill and in other parts of the city.

9. The most favorite vacation spot for citizens is Margaret Island. Locals go in for sports here, have picnics and just enjoy outdoor recreation. One of the most inexpensive hotels in Budapest is also located here, which has its own thermal spa complex – Ensana Thermal Margitsziget Health Spa.

10. Andrássy Avenue. This is a wide, sunny avenue with many monuments, original houses, and cultural institutions.

It will leave a lasting impression on you. Both buildings and a mass of boutiques of famous world brands. Where you can sometimes buy haute couture for very little money.

What to Do in Budapest

1. Ride the old funicular to the Royal Palace
2. Admire the breathtaking view of the Danube from the observation deck of the Fisherman’s Bastion
3. Visit the cave church in Mount Gellert
4. Take a cruise on the Danube. It is best to do this at dusk, when the city is illuminated in the most magical way.
5. Take a walk around the Budapest Zoo, very well maintained and quite inexpensive. By the way, this is the largest zoo in Eastern Europe, it is even larger than the Prague one
7. Swim in thermal springs located right in the city. Check out Rudas, which has a small rooftop Jacuzzi bathtub with great views of the city. Or to the Lukács baths, which with great pleasure the Hungarians themselves use
8. Visit the Varosliget park and visit the Vajdahunyad castle.
9. Reflect on the eternal on Mount Gellert, where there are 8 bronze sculptures of people who have reached a high spiritual development.
10. Taste the famous Hungarian cuisine in one of the many cafes and restaurants. For example, in Varosliget Café & Restaurant, considered one of the best in the city
11. Go shopping. Visit Vaci shopping street, the Central Market or one of the big stores in Budapest where you can buy beautiful souvenirs. Also here, for little money, it is quite possible to purchase paintings in one of the many art galleries.

Where to Go from Budapest

In the immediate vicinity is the amazingly beautiful town of Szentendre, where axis set of houses of 16-19 century buildings. Also located here is the Hungarian Skansen.

Another striking attraction of Hungary is the royal castle in Visegrad. Even despite the fact that little of the original building has been preserved.

We advise you to get to Esztergom to see the basilica there, the largest in Hungary. In the summer, this is easy to do – high-speed hydrofoils go along the Danube to Esztergom.

Once in Budapest, you should definitely visit Lake Balaton. And then visit the world-famous lake Heviz for its healing properties.

A number of healing thermal springs are located in Miskolc-Tapolca. There are corresponding baths in the town of Eger. It is also famous for its wine and the ancient fortress, against the walls of which the waves of Turkish invasions once crashed.

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